Good bones, fresh new look.

Out with the old and in with the new; Loomis Construction has you covered. We know that choosing to remodel can be a tough decision, which is why our team is here to help. Whether it's updating the interior or changing the existing floor plan, we are determined to meet our client's specific needs. Our hands-on expertise is unrivaled with over three decades of experience bringing homes back to life. No matter the size of the job we provide indistinguishable quality, service, and dedication to all of our projects.

Improving the broken, damaged, or outdated can be messy. With each of our remodeling projects, unexpected issues arise which requires a level of flexibility on all fronts. At Loomis Construction we find comprehensive ways to work around unforeseen obstacles, while still providing our clients with the home they deserve. We use leading-edge building techniques, expert subcontractors, and new technology initiatives to keep our clients budget and best interests in mind.

Our team is here to make remodeling a comfortable experience by providing step-by-step involvement. Throughout the process, we don’t want to inconvenience our client's more than we have to. So it is entirely possible depending on the extent of the project for our client's to remain and function at home while the job is underway. At Loomis Construction we work with our clients which is one of the many ways we are more than just your average construction company.

Need more space?

We understand that your existing home might not provide you the necessary space that your family needs. So instead of leaving the house that you love, let’s add on to it. Our team will utilize the existing structure to make the new space flow seamlessly with the current home. We follow the same process with our additions as we do with our remodels.